Month: July 2018


This post has been a decade in the making. It was ten years ago this past February that I flew in to JFK for what was intended to be a three month American adventure, traveling across the US by plane, train and automobile and trying to blag my way into luxury hotels. If you’ve read The Upgrade, you’ll know what happened next: I fell in love with the country and decided to make it my home.

Ten years ago.

Earlier this afternoon, in the San Francisco mailbox I share with my girlfriend, her two children and our three cats, I found an envelope from the United States Customs and Immigration Service. Inside that envelope was…

…my green card!

“Welcome to United States”: With those four words it’s official, I am now a lawful permanent resident. I can live where I like, work where I like, travel away and back as I like, and enjoy almost all the same rights and privileges enjoyed by my friends who were lucky enough to be born here. (Almost: Voting is still off the table unless and until I become a naturalized citizen.)

It’s an interesting time to become a permanent resident. My friends certainly seem to think so.…


Garbage Fire Kids

A few years ago, I used to have a feature on this blog called ‘Ideas For Other People.’ The concept was pretty self explanatory: These were ideas I came up with for companies, or publications, or even once a charity, but which for one reason or another I couldn’t (be bothered to) pursue.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea that was pure IFOP. The difference this time is that, thanks to the brilliant Brad Jonas, I can actually make it happen.

So, without further anything, I present the first six ‘Garbage Fire Kids’ trading cards…

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