Month: December 2016

Norman Bates 2.0: Starwood and Wynn are excited to hide a camera and microphone in your hotel room

Hello from London! I’m back in my homeland for the first time in two years, visiting family and renewing my European passport before the end of the world.

I’m pleased to report that little has changed since my last visit, Brexit notwithstanding. There seems to be a slightly uptick in the tech industry. Everyone is very excited about AI, and there has been a mushrooming of tech incubators, funded apparently by Russian and other City of London cash that needs a home and a tax break. Also, Amazon now offers same and next day delivery over here, and is apparently building drones in the countryside.

These are the positive tech changes.

For a less positive one, I had to look no further than the hotel room (a Starwood, it doesn’t matter which) in which I spent my first couple of nights in town. There I found something that would make George Orwell spin in his grave.

After spending twenty minutes or more hunting for the TV remote I finally spotted what seemed to be a cellphone charging in a cradle next to the bed. In fact it turned out to be a “mini tablet” offering various in-room services, and also a handy map of local London attractions.…


Happy 37th birthday to me…

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