Spare me any more “now he has the nomination, let’s change the tone on Trump” think pieces.

We all wondered how fascist/nazi candidates from history would be treated today. Good to know today’s liberal journalists’ response to Hitler circa 1931 would be “let’s all calm down, treat his supporters with respect, discuss his policies intelligently. After all, he won fair and square. Demonizing him won’t help!”

It will help. Every day the media should be pointing out that the republican nominee is an honest to god demon.

We’re already starting to see his critics in the media and politics soften their blows because they’ll have to work with him, cover him if he wins or because they’re worried people are getting anti-Trump fatigue.

If he wins and you have to work with him, it’ll be precisely because you legitimized him. If people have fatigue it’s because you gave satan so much airtime that we’re all become inured to his rhetoric.

The man wants to ban Muslims, and most other immigrants, from entering the United States and talks about women as if they’re his personal sex toys. He wants to cut America off from the world and sees no reason to rule out dropping a nuclear bomb on Europe. Oh, and his own ex-wife has accused him of rape.

Every day on every network every anchor should be reminding voters of that. It shouldn’t be left to Hillary and Hillary supporters. We should have reached a point where fascism and hate are bipartisan issues.

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