NSFWCORP — aka “the future of journalism (with jokes)” — was acquired by Pando in late 2013. But its legacy stubbornly refuses to die.

Just a few weeks ago, newly released emails showed that it was reading NSFWCORP that prompted Hillary Clinton to ask: “Why are liberals the world over so politically hopeless?”  I’m not joking.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, over the past couple of months we’ve been somewhat inundated with emails from former NSFWCORP subscribers expressing disappointment that we’re not still around to cover the 2016 Presidential race.

I share that disappointment. Given the Republicans might be about to nominate a fascist as their presidential candidate, and the Democrats a socialist, some of that stuff seems really, really important to talk about. Now more than ever, etc.

And so, a few days ago, some of the former NSFWCORP team announced plans to temporarily revive our NSFWLIVE radio show as a limted-time-only (between now and November) weekly podcast. The series would end with our (third!)  24-hour election show: 24 Hours In America ’16, live from Las Vegas, on November 8th-9th.

We wanted to make the project 100% independent — largely to ensure that we could say whatever we wanted on air without getting our friends at Pando sued. We also wanted to make sure we could pay our on-air guests for their labors.…