One day back when Michael Arrington and I were on speaking terms — three years ago, maybe — he called me to ask for advice on how to handle some fight in which he’d become embroiled.

I can’t remember the details of the fight — he was embroiled in a lot of fights in those days — only that lots of people were yelling at him on social media and he wanted to make them stop. I do remember that I was in the bakery aisle of Whole Foods in Las Vegas when he called, trying for the life of me to find marshmallows. The life of a recovering alcoholic, living in Sin City.

Pacing the aisle, looking for those fucking marshmallows, I shared with Mike my best advice for weathering social media storms.

Social media — Twitter in particular — can be a very noisy room. Imagine a sports bar on game night, but where instead of yelling at the TV screens, everyone is yelling at you. Now imagine, rather than yelling back, you simply walk towards the exit, and step out of the room. As you step out into the night and the door swings shut behind you, the din instantly falls silent.