A few minutes ago, the Guardian broke some news that, by legal necessity, I’ve been sitting on for the past few weeks. NSFWCORP has agreed to be acquired by Pando Media.

Pando founder Sarah Lacy has written a post over on PandoDaily, explaining the deal and what it means from her point of view, but I wanted NSFWCORP readers and supporters to hear the news directly from me.

[TL;DR version: you’ll now find the NSFWCORP team over on PandoDaily.com where we’re heading up a new investigative unit, subscribers will continue to receive the (relaunched, expanded, revamped) print edition and access to its online equivalent, and we’re doing a marathon radio show next week to explain everything else.]

The more you know about NSFWCORP and Pando, the more this deal will likely make sense to you. As Pando’s chairman, Andrew Anker said, it “corrects a historical anomaly.”

Sarah and I have been writing partners and close friends for years. As I explained in my last book, Sarah was one of the two people who was most influential in my decision (and ability) to quit drinking — it was also Sarah who convinced Michael Arrington to hire me at TechCrunch after the Guardian and so, in many ways, it’s entirely Sarah’s fault that I ended up launching NSFWCORP years later.