A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Chris Curtis, the Vegas Metro cop who moonlighted (moonlit?) as a pick-up-artist and is now in charge of keeping women safe for the Downtown Project. (Disclosure: Vegas Tech Fund, part of the DTP, is an investor in NSFWCORP)

One aspect of the story I didn’t really touch on was Curtis’ boasts that he had become the unofficial “date doctor” for recently divorced Metro cops who wanted advice on picking up girls.

From an interview with Vegas Weekly’s PJ Perez

Since we’re talking about Metro, how did you become the unofficial Date Doctor for the force?

[Laughs] I really am. It’s kind of funny. Being single and out there in the dating scene …. See, a lot of these guys are married and stuff like that. And a lot of these cops fall into that stereotypical—you know, married their high-school sweetheart—but they never really lived, so they vicariously lived through my stories. And when they end up divorced, they ask me for pointers on how to get back into the scene. All the cops, from all the way up in the ranks, everyone that knows me, kind of knows what I’m about, and they come to me for advice. I’m like the Metro Hitch.”

Given Curtis’ advice includes the idea that every interaction with a “female” is “an opportunity,” should Las Vegas residents be worried about a bunch of horny cops using Curtis’ “Mack Tactics” on unsuspecting female crime victims?

Of course not! This is a professional police force! Despite the fact that Curtis was allowed to continue working in uniform after numerous media appearances promoting his pick up book, and boasting of being “on the prowl” Las Vegas Metro officers are dedicated, ethical…

…sorry? what’s that…?

“Las Vegas police officer faces criminal charges after several women he met on the job accused him of abusing his authority to intimidate and sexually harass them.

Solomon Coleman, a five-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, was charged with a felony, oppression under color of law, and two gross misdemeanors, gross lewdness and taking pictures of a person’s private area, according to court documents filed Friday in Las Vegas Justice Court.

Police said he developed a pattern of starting “relationships” with women he met at crime scenes and on routine calls, according to a report filed by Metro detectives. Some of the misconduct is said to have occurred more than a year ago, with the most recent encounter allegedly just days before his suspension.”


But it’s not like it’s an epidem…

“Two women who reported being groped by a now-former Metro Police officer are suing him and the department for more than $6 million.

According to the lawsuit, the first incident occurred in June 2011 when Norman forced another woman, who plans to join the suit, to remain in Norman’s police car while he manipulated her bra and breasts, according to the federal complaint.”


Surely the courts can…

It’s a story that is certain to outrage America.

A young mom claims she was groped by a court officer, but she’s the one who ended up in handcuffs. She was hauled off to a cell as the judge literally looked the other way.”


You done?

“Las Vegas police have settled a lawsuit for $100,000 with a couple that was forced to perform an oral sex act on each other while a patrol officer looked on.”

Ok, ok. Jesus, many more of these and Las Vegas Metro misconduct will have it’s own Wikipedia pa…