Yesterday, sort of on a whim, I decided to buy the brand new Blackberry Q1O on T-Mobile. I’ll write more about the decision later once I’ve had chance to play around the device a bit more, although I’m not sure I have much interesting to say on that front that hasn’t been better said by gadget experts. (Or that I didn’t say years ago here.)

What is interesting, however, is what happened when I went to buy the phone, on the T-Mobile store at Powell and Market in SF. For those not familiar with San Francisco, Market Street is the main street that runs through downtown. Powell is right smack in the middle of it. This is not a backstreet T-Mobile store.

The Q10 is the most anticipated Blackberry in years: It boasts the new Blackberry 10 operating system and — holy crap! — it has a physical keyboard. According to the online chatter I’ve seen, everyone and his dog who misses having a keyboard wants this phone. It launched in retail stories yesterday, and it launched on T-Mobile first.

I’m not sure if I expected lines around the block, but I certainly expected a wait. Maybe the T-Mobile store would have already sold out by the time I wandered in at around 3pm.