I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with hotel booking app, Hotel Tonight.

On the one hand, the company is by far my favorite way to book last minute hotel rooms in costly markets like San Francisco. I really do love it. On the other hand, the company is still young enough that hotels still somtimes treat users like second class guests: putting late bookers in crappy rooms or, as has happened to me on more than one occasion, “walking” them to other hotels having double-sold the room. I’ve also had several slightly regrettable Twitter meltdowns after being unable to sleep at 3am for the sound of rattling garbage cans or rickety service elevators adjacent to the worst room in the house.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed a huge change in the standard of room and service I’ve received when booking through the Hotel Tonight app. At a recent San Francisco stay — I won’t say at which hotel — the receptionist seemed positively excited to see me: a first time guest at the hotel, booking a discounted rate, through a third party app. Not only did they gush about how happy they were to have me staying, but they even upgraded me to a suite.