Month: August 2012

Neil Armstrong Has Died

Neil Armstrong — test pilot, astronaut, first man on the moon, Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, golfer — has died.

Or at least that’s what the US Government wants you to believe.

In fact, NASA has offered the American people no actual proof that the 82 year old Armstrong has passed away. Not a single photo of the body has been released, and no eye witnesses have come forward, nor medical records released.

Clearly there’s something we’re not being told.

Yes, Armstrong underwent heart bypass surgery in recent weeks, but according to the New York Times “His recovery had been going well… and his death came as a surprise to many close to him.”

Of course it did.

The Times goes on to report the “outpouring of well wishes and fond memorials on Web sites” but neglects to point out that those “Web sites” are all hosted on the “Internet”, a digital network created by the US government. And, guess what? Painstaking data analysis shows that the Times’ own “Web site” is hosted on that same network.

Surprise, surprise!

Consider the following other discrepancies in the reporting of Armstrong’s death…

  • In 1969 Armstrong received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Richard Nixon.


Julian Assange and the launch of NSFWCORP Desknotes

It’s midnight in Las Vegas but 5000 miles away in the little pocket of London that is — for now — Ecuador, Julian Assange’s alarm clock is ringing. It’s time for the Wikileaks founder to rise from his inflatable mattress, crack open a window and address his wikilegions of adoring fans.

Assange, you’ll recall, was due to be extradited to Sweden — after exhausting every avenue of appeal — to face accusations of sexual assault against two women. Instead the man who once said “It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers” has taken refuge inside the embassy of a country that boasts five whole pages of press freedom abuses on the website of Reporters Without Borders. (Such is the ideological gulf between Wikileaks and the government of Ecuador that one imagines the latter is now seriously regretting listing its embassy on Airbnb.)

Assange’s double standards ought to be shocking, but they are not. Double standards are Julian Assange’s stock in trade. In 2010, he broke off his relationship with the New York Times because the newspaper published unflattering profiles of him and Bradley Manning. Next he burned his partnership with the Guardian in London after threatening to sue the newspaper if they published any of “his” diplomatic cables without permission.…


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