I’ve spent my day fending off questions from my erstwhile TC colleague Alexia Tsotsis about what the new company will actually do. Apparently she’s been calling Mike and Tony too. Pesky reporters.

Anyway, the only way I could get her off the phone was to promise to send a list of things the company won’t be doing. Here are a few of the ones I’m most pleased with. The full list is in her post here.

13. Adding soundtracks to crossword puzzles

16. “I, Mac” – A gourmet Mac and Cheese franchise for hipsters

21. A microblog platform for public resignations

22. Potterless: a virtual community for grown-ups who hate Harry Potter

23. Wifi on planes (note: this may already exist)

Obviously I’m not going to comment on her conclusions in the post, but it’s certainly interesting to read her conjecture.