You know that old phrase? Time flies when you’re staying a single night in every single hotel on the Vegas Strip? Well it’s true!

You know that other phrase? That you’ll bust your ass all week writing about Elvis wedding chapels, blogging escorts, terrible parents and dangerous circus acts — but all anyone will compliment you on are the damn haiku? Turns out that’s true too!

And so here we are, at the end of week three, and time for another round up my past week’s hotel stays — from Paris to the Wynn — in handy haiku form. (Previous weeks’ installments here and here)

Friday: Paris ($150)

Une salle très plaisante
But weird that les hotel signs
Use clunky Franglais

Saturday: Harrah’s ($120)

The blandest hotel
Amazed how little stood out
Oh! Toilet was black!

Sunday: Planet Hollywood ($70)

Stayed here with a girl
She adored the huge bathroom
You know how girls are

Monday: Flamingo ($40)

Comfort and service
And the room was forty bucks
Surely some mistake

Tuesday: Treasure Island ($59.95)

Who knew that pirates
Make great room service salads?
They kept that quiet

Wednesday: MGM Grand ($69.99)

Huge bed, spacious room
But why don’t hotel desk chairs
Ever fit the desk?

Thursday: Wynn ($255)

Filmably great room
And — oh God yes! — noon check out
The Wynn, for the Win

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