If you read my column last week you’ll already know this, but for a variety of reasons I haven’t got around to blogging it until now.

I have just confirmed the deal for my next book.

I know, right?

This next book is, in the broadest sense, a follow-up to the first once, in so far as I’m the main character (natch) and it begins a few days after I sent off the manuscript of Bringing Nothing To The Party.

But this time it’s not about dot com entrepreneurs, how shit I am at business, me being arrested or my disastrous relationships with women. Actually, I lied about the last two, but it’s not about business. Instead, it’s the story of what happened when I decided – this time last year – to sell almost all of my possessions, give up my flat in London and begin living the life of a modern-day nomad.

I know everyone says this, but I really didn’t intend the experiment to become a book. I just had to get the fuck out of London (you’ll understand if you read the last book) and I wanted to find out how ridiculously high a standard of living I could blag achieve around the world, for exactly the same cost as surviving on cold pizza in East Dulwich.…