Month: December 2008

Good old shoe

It’s sad, but utterly fitting that George W. Bush’s presidency should be bookended with attacks by a pretzel and a pair of shoes.

I’ve been work displacing amusing myself on Twitter this evening by trying to come up with a title for the film dramatisation of today’s brutal attack. This was prompted by Alex Tew’s exquisite newspaper headline suggestion: “Sock and Awe“.

For the film, the best I’ve come up with so far is ‘A Shoe To A Kill’ (followed by ‘The Aiming of the Shoe’ and the quite terrible ‘Lace/Off’). My Twitter followers have come up with some decent suggestions too including my two favourites so far…

Last of the Mocassins


But I have a feeling that the best shoe-pun-movie-title is still out there somewhere. Let me know your suggestions either here or on Twitter. A copy of The Book for the best.

Meantime, can we all please hang shoes from power lines like in Wag The Dog? I can think of no more fitting way to mark the end of the 43rd presidency.

Paris, PLV

Bonjour! Je suis arrivé à Paris pour Le Web – et il fait fucking froid, I can tell you.

I arrived on the Eurostar which, by the way, is a really painless way to travel; no airport transfer bullshit, lots of room to work and then just a quick Metro hop to the hotel. The current Sterling -> Euro conversion rate is not so painless. Seriously, it’s almost one for one now. Incroyable.

And as luck would have it, I was on the same train as Mike Butcher who helped the journey fly by. Gossiping about start-ups will do that. The next few months are going to be interesting for journalists covering the web industry, especially after the announcement from Nesta. A billion pounds in funding for startups. Very exciting, the fact that it’s all a load of bollocks notwithstanding. More on that in my column later this week.

Right, I’m going to finish unpacking and then head off to the Open Coffee party to see who else in in town.

More soon.

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