It’s been quite a day for fuck ups, all told

First I discover that I incorrectly spelt ‘Mefenamic acid’ as ‘Methanamic’ acid in the book (kudos to Zoe for spotting – no pun intended).

Then Aaron Sorkin’s researcher pointed out that I’d illustrated my Facebook The Movie post with someone who wasn’t Aaron Sorkin.

And finally, just as I was about to kick back and watch some DNC, I get a message from my little brother who is due to fly to Canada tomorrow. Turns out Zoom airlines have gone bust – less than 15 hours before his flight was due to leave.

Brilliant brother that I am, I’ve spent the last hour or so rescheduling him and ensuring that he’ll now land – albeit via Boston – just twenty minutes later than scheduled.

I knew all this technomadery would prove useful. I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t do it within my personal 35-minute flight planning and booking target. It’s more tricky when you’re scheduling someone else.

Hey ho. What a boring post. But what else are blogs for?

Now: Obama.