The Long Fail part II: In which the author stabs himself in the Sales Rank

Further to this, Amazon have emailed me back…

“Mr Carr.

Thank you for contacting,

Your book is in stock but it is coming from one of secondary warehouses. Because of this there is  currently an extended delivery date for your book. We expect to have your book in stock in one of our primary warehouses around the 28th of August.

Thank you for choosing

Warmest regards

Kelvin S”

Well thank you kindly, But – hey – here’s an idea, why not display that information to customers before they order so they can take their business to I dunno –, who actually have it in stock, instead or buy it from Waterstone’s who have it in all of their stores?

Shit – I just answered my own question, didn’t I?

Oh – and while I’ve got you, where exactly is this ’secondary warehouse’? The fucking MOON? I only ask because on Wednesday I used Royal Mail to send some copies of the book to San Francisco and they’re estimating delivery tomorrow. Just saying.

Sorry once again to the pre-orderers. I made the recommendation to use Amazon in good faith; really I did. Your best option look like cancelling the order and using either Play or Waterstone’s instead. Or email Amazon and demand answers of your own.

Either way, fuck Amazon and their secondary warehouse all the way to the moon.


Friday? Frid-yay! more like


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