Friday? Frid-yay! more like

I’m just about to run out of the door to a meeting but just time to share two emails that I’ve just received.

First, perhaps in response to my post about Amazon, or perhaps by total coincidence, Helen emails to tell me that she ordered her copy of The Book from WHSmiths Online yesterday, and it arrived today. With free postage. Go, WH Smiths!

And secondly – and possibly more excitingly, the lovely Bea from Orion emails to tell me that the Orion warehouse has now completely run out of copies of The Book. The only copies left are the ones physically on bookshelves in shops. Waterstone’s Online are out of stock as a result. Apparently an ‘urgent reprint’ has been ordered. This sounds to my untrained ear like good news.

Right, I’m off to Trafalgar Square.


“I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner.”


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