Welcome one, welcome all to the very first installment of a feature I like to call ‘The Sunday Afternoon Fuck-Up Round-Up‘ – a weekly place to correct any factual and typographical errors found in The Book.

Well, hopefully less than weekly. Hopefully monthly. Or bi-annually. But we’ll see.

First up – a doozy. Emily Dubberley is featured various times in the book – including being described on p46 as having ‘vocal chords softened by a thousand blowjobs’. There’s also an unfortunate grammatical quirk that mentions her being involved with ‘a sex magazine for women called Scarlet’. Which is one hell of a niche.

You’d think, though, that having phoned her from the mountains of Spain to check she didn’t mind the blowjob quote, I’d have also taken care to spell her fucking NAME correctly. But no. Also on page 46, I spell it as ‘Dubberly’.


Dubberley is a freaking mnemonic for Christ’s sake. Double. E. But no.

Sorry, Em. It will of course be corrected in the reprints.

(Incidentally, I made basically the opposite error in an early proof when I mentioned ‘Louise Wenner’ [sic] until Mil Millington emailed to point out the fuck-up.)

Ok! Anything else? The email address is at the back of the book.