When I was permanently based in London and so couldn’t avoid having a copy of The London Paper forced into my hands every day, one of the few sections of the paper I made a habit of reading was Zoe Strimpel’s dating column, Girl About Town.

In fact, my reading habit was as follows: the ‘Em’ comic strip (the most consistently brilliant comic strip since Garfield Minus Garfield) -> Girl About Town -> the batshit-insane texts and letters ->  bin.

So, it is with some not inconsiderable happiness that I’ve just learned that Zoe has reviewed Bringing Nothing To The Party in City AM. And, you know what? It’s not a half bad review, in so far as it describes the book as “like a booze, drug and sex-fuelled genius teenager’s diary and you can’t not chuckle.”


But there’s more… Ian Delaney (whose sex column holds little, if any, interest to me but who knows what he’s talking about, New Media-wise) has written an equally generous review for NMK, which begins…

“On Amazon, this book is tagged ‘liar’, ‘alcohol’, ’sociopath’ and ‘jail’. But also with ’entrepreneur’, ‘web 2.0′ and ‘dotcom’. It should probably also be tagged ‘genius raconteur’.”

For years I’ve bitched that people – particularly in the media – have rendered meaningless the word ‘genius’ by using it to describe everything from shit BBC3 sketch shows to novelty bottle openers. But almost never to identify actual genius.

I stand corrected. Good old people in the media!