Ok, I’m back in the room1, and from hereonout things start to get really interesting.

The proofs have been read and re-read, checked for any last typos and factual errors – including double-sourcing the trickiest stuff with help my crack team of soi disant experts (/witnesses) where necessary – and as near to a final version of the thing as can ever be is now in W&N’s capable hands. Having now read my words for about the hundredth time, I know exactly how most people feel when they read them for the first.

So, now the fun begins; the real business of new media whoring.

I’ve got loads of other exciting things planned: interviews with characters from the book, a podcast or three, experimental interactive things that should be fun for everyone involved (including you, dear reader) and oh so much more. Not least the writing of the bonus extra chapter that RFW&N insists that I write – bringing the story bang up to date, and including some stories that didn’t make it into the book for one reason or another. Think of it as a lean-forward DVD extra.

And for those of you who have asked, there will be some kind of booze fuelled evening to mark publication. Details to follow but keep some days around 30th July-2nd August free, and let me know if you’d like more info / an invitation. And if you’re in the book – in any capacity – your drinks are on me. Which could make things very interesting indeed.