Blog silence ends by tomorrow, I promise. Just getting – as they say – my shit back together after a traumatic week of proof reading / changing.

Meantime, Eris has joined us in the Valle – all the way from San Francisco – and has been busy blogging her whistlestop tour of London, the Valle and beyond. Which is lucky as otherwise the adventures of the last few days – frisbees, cowboy hats, classic rock and hideously expensive cocktails surrounded by topless Eurotrash – would have gone undocumented.

See here for the blog and here for photos and video.

Ok, more later – but first Eris and I are off in to the Valle to buy bread and – perhaps – to rescue the frisbee from Juan’s bar.

Oh – and I promised Varls that I’d mention her Writing For Games event tonight in my next post. But it’s sold out. So that’s good.