A busy few days coming up. Or at least as busy as anyone can claim to be while swinging in a hammock in the mountains of Southern Spain.

Bea from Orion has just sent through the page proofs of the book – that is, the PDFs of the actual page layouts, as they’ll appear in print. My job now is to go through them and make any last minute changes before they go to press

For most part, this is a dull process – a final scan to ensure that no stray typos have survived the numerous editing levels that books go through. But it’s also a last chance to tweak any facts – and people – to make sure they’re represented as I intend them to be. And with that last chance comes awesome responsibility – and I’m terrible at responsibility.

To make matters worse, W&N also want me to write a bonus downloadable chapter thing updating some aspects of the story from where the book left off ’til present day. I’m going to get cracking on that next week – it could be a lark. Hoo yes. Meanwhile, RFW&N continues to bombard me with work, with an arduous-sounding telephone interview on Friday morning. And then Monday sees the very first TCUK Podcast. Geez.

I guess my point is this: forgive me if I’m slow to reply to emails etc for the next few days, and if the blog skips a day or two. I’ll do my best.

In other news, I’ve been really pleased with the reaction the book has got from the (admittedly small) number of people who have been sent the official preview (as opposed to the out-of-date bootleg – a brilliant story for another day). People in particular seem to like the footnotes, which makes me merry happy.

My favourite feedback, though, has come from Mil Millington who, aside from saying uncharacteristically nice things (”I have to admit that I was surprised and quite impressed at your partial success in faking a sensitive side – though this accomplishment will, of course, be lost on those who’ve never met you.“), very generously has agreed to be quoted on the cover. He gave me three quotes to choose from…
“Made me want to vomit for all the right reasons.”

“Like Dragon’s Den in a threesome with a society gossip page and the IT Crowd.”

“Carr is funny enough that you can almost forgive him.”

…and then threw in a bonus one which he acknowledged that W&N would possibly bury somewhere inside…

“Carr’s book astonishes with its seemingly pathological delight in defaming Islam.”

Heh. Stoopid Islam.

(He’s kidding of course. It’s the Jews who I defame.)

Right – that’s me for tonight. If I stare at this screen for another minute, my eyes might just melt. Just time to congratulate all of tonight’s Webby winners. Particularly all at Moo.com. Richard’s five word acceptance speech was excellent…

“They said print was dead.”

Quite so.