Great first proper day in San Francisco. Eris has assumed the role of personal tour guide which is great as it helps me avoid the tourist traps.

Her first suggestion was that we visit the city’s biggest tourist trap: Pier 39. Her ‘logic’ being that it would help me know which area to avoid in future, thus keeping me safe for the rest of the trip. It’s a little like killing someone to ensure that no one can hurt them again.

Anyway – we’re off for dinner now so I’ll simply point you towards photos from today on Flickr. The photo above, by the way, is just for Michael.

Incidentally, as I was tagging the photo of Eris, she corrected – corrected – my tagging. “If you’re going to tag me, you need to do Eris (space) Stassi. That’s my tag.”

I had to remind her that this was user generated content. And that I was the user while she was just the content.


Dinner time!