I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I am always – always – late for flights.

I always try to allow exactly the right amount of time for traffic, check in and the like but always – always – fuck it up. I’ve never missed a flight but I’ve had more than my fair share of final calls.

So why, then, am I sitting at my gate at JFK almost two hours before my flight to San Francisco boards? Seriously? No traffic? No check in queue? No security delays?

This can only mean one thing – any minute now they’re going to tell me my flight is delayed by six hours.

Still – at least I have time to catch up on emails and blog reading. Michelle has a new one. Check it (and despite the name, you should check it far often than weekly).

Also, in the last 24 hours I’ve gone from having almost no confirmed meetings in SF to a billion. If anyone else is in town and fancies some work or purely social fun – either add me on Twitter or email me at the usual.

Right – I’m going to window shop the Mont Blanc store and see if there’s a new issue of Wired or Fast Company out yet.