Greetings from Colorado – the Connecting Flight state. You join me at Denver International Airport waiting for a connecting flight to Austin for South By South West Interactive.

What? This.

ETech ended well – a really good group of panels, all in all, and a rather excellent after party in the world’s biggest hotel suite. Ran into some interesting folks there including Ben Metcalfe, Matt Webb and Tim O’Reilly’s younger daughter (daughter 2.0) who makes instruments out of spoons, forks and horsehair. She was cool – asymmetric hair and all. We also seem to have ended up with another bottle of Vodka – stolen by some Dutchmen from the Disney party. We’ve added it to our pilfered booze collection.

And so onwards, to mess with Texas for a few days with Michael, Michelle, Richard, Zoe (whose blog has been blocked by the filters at Colorado International) and others too numerous to count. I suppose this would be a good time for me to get my phone fixed – although I’m still utterly unconvinced by the value of Twitter. Let’s kick it old skool – drop me an email if you’re in town.

Right, gotta run – more words and photos to follow.