No time for a proper post – need to head down to the Mandalay to stop Michael losing everything at the poker tables. So – bullet points, then…

Last night was a blast – Michael arrived in town and we headed over to the Palms for an evening of dinner and fun.

We met a group of girls who were in town promoting shoe insoles. Micheal said his mother was a chiropodist. They didn’t know what that meant.

Blagged our way in to the club at the top of the Palms. The line that clinched it was certainly Michelle’s “My name? Michelle Bond, as in James.” Class.

Met a bachelorette party from – I think – Atlanta. I got to wear a veil. Always the bridesmaid.

We drank a lot of vodka.

This morning’s hangover was very, very painful. Cured only partially by pulled pork sandwiches, burgers and corn bread.