It’s snowing in New York. Hard. I know this because I’m still here – sitting in the Jet Blue departure lounge at Kennedy airport awaiting my 6:30 flight to Las Vegas. My plan to fly this morning lies melting on the ground, like all this fucking snow. The great news is that Jet Blue is brilliant – cheaper than Easyjet, with leather seats and in-flight DirecTV, free wireless in the lounge and really pleasant staff. The moment it started snowing they told everyone that, if they were snowed in and couldn’t get to the airport, they could reschedule on to any other flight for no extra cost. It took all of ten seconds to do. Splendid. Too splendid. We’re clearly going to crash into the Rockies.

I arrive in Vegas at 10pm local time – only ten hours later than planned, but four hours after Michelle lands. Sorry Michelle. I imagine by the time I land, she’ll have pumped the best part of a thousand Dollars into the Dollar slots and the best part of a bottle of Vodka into her liver. She’ll be fine.

For my part, I’m hungover to hell and mainlining Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to stay awake. The party last night was – as they say – awesome and Jon and Laurel were on the finest of forms. I made some new friends too – including the most Jewish woman in New York who was explaining how she is hoping to turn her daughter into the next Sarah Silverman. Get her swearing in the womb, that’s my advice.

I also ran into a guy who has just finished writing a book about Christian pop culture, and in particular Christian pro-wrestling. Quite how that works, I don’t know but I imagine it involves staying on the mat for three days before getting back up.

Oh, and I ran into Caroline as well, which is always fun. Drunkenness ensued. Which brings me neatly back to my hangover and my cup of coffee which is getting cold next to my foot. I suppose I’d better drink it and then crack open the Dean Koontz novel I just bought. The woman behind me in the queue saw me buying it and asked “is that book good?” For a smart town, there are some dumb fucks here.

Next stop, Nevada.