Last night was Richard Moross’ 30th birthday and in an inspired move, he hired the Soho Hotel’s screening room for a private showing of The Breakfast Club – a film I’ve seen the beginning of a dozen times, but never the ending. And, oh boy was it good, even more so in the leathered comfort of the Soho.

Afterwards, over Champagne (another inspired more – thank you Richard), a few of us got to talking about what film we’d show for our 30th birthday. A popular choice – perhaps unsurprisingly, given what we’d just watched – was St. Elmo’s Fire. Another favourite was The Breakfast Club’s (I guess) sister-flick, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I couldn’t decide.

Part of me wanted to fuck with people and force them to sit through something awful like Gigli. Just to see how they’d reconcile having to stick around because it was my birthday with having to leave because their brains were being raped. Another part of me wanted to put on something I personally would love, because it’s Aaron Sorkin, but that there’s a risk half the room would hate: A Few Good Men.

In the end, I settled on Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, which was fresh in my mind from mentioning it here the other day. It’s funny, there are guns for the boys and emotional bits (and, I suppose, Redford) for the girls and it’s an undeniable classic. It’s also far enough away from The Breakfast Club to make me look original.

Ferris Bueller would be great too, though.


Speaking of that last one, I’ve just finished reading ‘My Boring Ass Life’, the book of the blog of Kevin Smith. It’s over-long, sure (there are only so many pages you can read about a man having a shit), but interesting and touching and revealing as well.

My favourite bit comes right at the end with Smith doing a Q&A for Google in Santa Monica and he’s asked what video game he would like to see turned into a movie.

His answer?


(Although he wouldn’t know who he could get to play the lead)


The movie!

I’m 30 in two years and ten days time. Which, I reckon gives him more than enough time to cast and produce it in time for the screening.

And more than enough time for me to get the damn in-game music out of my head.