Here we go again. The final countdown.

I’m back at my computer, merging together the words of both Pond and me. 40,000 of the little buggers in total, although God only knows how many there’ll be after the edit. I’m making the first stab at an edit as I go, hopefully to safe the copy editors a little bit of work. But mainly so we don’t embarrass ourselves.

Oh, by the by, a few people have assumed that the book is for TFP. It isn’t, it’s for Pan Macmillan. Being on the other side of the fence again is an odd experience, but a good one.

I’ve got food on the way too. From Deliverance so no fear of disappointment. A chicken wrap of some sort, a side a potato things and some green beans. Oh, and a prawn thing to start. Rhodri emailed to suggest I eat lots of fish to keep my brain going. And so I’m making a start on that.

Incidentally, I’ve been amused, and delighted, at the coverage of the Friday Online buyout. Over on Scott’s blog, the consensus amongst publishing types is that it’s a good thing, although I do detect a hint of technophobia amongst the commenters (perhaps for good reason). Meanwhile both the Bookseller and Publishing News ran nice news stories on it, as did Media Bistro and some bloggers too. The Publishing News one was both my most and least favourite piece – the former because it was the biggest, and the latter because they used that launch party photo again. At least they kept the leopard out this time.

Anyhow, big week next week – launching a company and all, so I’d better get this bugger to bed. I hope my prawn thing arrives soon.