As if preparations for the formal launch of the new project weren’t enough, I’m trying an experiment. Writing half a book in a week. And it’s an experiment borne of the adventures of the last few weeks leaving me no time to get on with outside commitments.

The Second Life book is due on Friday, and Pond and I are writing half each. I’ve done a ton of research – don’t get me wrong – but so far, as regards writing the mother, I’ve not quite broken the back of it.

So, here I am, sitting in front of my computer – denying myself sleep until I’ve written at least 3000 words. I’ve been here since 7. I have coffee. I have music. I have fingers. I’ve writen nearly 1000 and I’m motoring along. And then, if I can finish about 6ish, I can stroll down the road to McDonald’s to get myself a Big Breakfast meal – the trans-fat light at the end of the allnighter tunnel.

I’ll probably blog a few times between now and then. Just to stop my brain from going mad. As I’m writing this, Pond is in the second life ‘Penis and Pussy Store’ buying himself some virtual genitals. ‘Penis and pussy’. Somewhere a twelve year old boy is making a shit load of extra pocket money.

Now he’s attached his new purchase to his head and is running about. I fear that twelve year old boy might actually be Pond.