Having a blog can be pretty fucking weird. Good weird, but weird.

A couple of days ago you’ll remember, I mentioned being in a fug – which I was. As it turned out, it was a two day fug, only really ending last night when Clare, myself, accountant Mark and later Rob went to the pub.

Turns out a few pints of Stella, a couple of bottles of wine and then later £1-a-drink night at The Gardening Club with Rob and a gaggle of American LSE students who claim you look like Robbie Williams (I don’t) is the ultimate fug cure.

Pound a drink night, incidentally is brilliant. I woke up to a pocketful of receipts, all for two pounds. Trashed for little over twenty quid. Like being a student again. I also woke up curled up happily on the floor, next to my bed. Would the extra two steps have killed me?

Oh, that reminds me, Robin Williams is in rehab. Great quote from his publicist… ‘He found himself drinking again’. He must have been devastated.

So yes, blogging a fug can have great results. After reading Vox, not one, but two ladies have very kindly offered to make me dinner. Countless folk have emailed me amusing jpegs (remember Yoda dog?) to cheer me up. A stripper has introduced me to her sister. And I’ve been invited on an EasyCruise. An EasyCruise! A long weekend on a big orange boat, surrounded by the kind of people who would vomit on you soon as look at you. Reckon we’ll get on famously.

I can just imagine sailing down the Riviera, enjoying the stunning scenery, the amazing weather and the beautiful people sunning themselves on the sand. And then suddenly, piercing the calm, comes the massed voices of a stag party from Hull. “Oy-oy! You fookin rich wankers.” Good old Stelios. Putting the class into lower class.

Meanwhile, in other news, Scott’s blog is really starting to hot up. He’s just posted his real reasons for leaving Waterstone’s – which are pretty damning for the big-W. Also, Adam’s show kicks off at the Fringe on Saturday – James’ has been going for a few days. You should go, even if James is a racist. What else? This week’s London by London is absolutely brilliant – and includes an interview with Noel Clarke – oh, and Tom’s appearance on London Today is up on You Tube.

Reasons to be cheerful, all.

I’m off home to make a toasted sandwich.

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