You know that point, every few weeks, when you look in the mirror and think to yourself ‘Jesus, I need to get a haircut’?

And sure enough you resolve to get that much-needed haircut as soon as possible… but not today because you have to get to a meeting. And then tomorrow rolls around but – no – not today, I’ve got to finish that work that needs doing, and then I’m watching the football.

And before you know it another three weeks has passed and you look like Aslan.

Well until today, my desk was Aslan. It’s amazing how much crap – how many small jobs, and bits of non-essential paperwork for the bank, and bits of clutter, and manuscripts that need reading – managed to accumulate on my desk over the weeks since we finished our fundraising.

Things have just been a total whirl since the end of May with authors to be caught up with, books to be signed off, web things to be planned, people to be hired (more on that soon) and vital tasks to be completed. And so it was that I decided to come into the office all day today to get my shit together.

All those taxi receipts that needed to be neatly organised for the accountant? Organised. All those emails that needed replying to? Replied to. All the little things on the website that needed updating? Updated. The preparations for the Edinburgh shows and pre-Edinburgh previews that our authors are doing this year? Prepared. (More on that in a minute). Those junk-filled desk draws that needed clearing out? Cleared. That inbox that needed sorting? Sorted.

Take that, future tense verbs!

The result is that my desk is now utterly spotless, my little drawer cabinet thing pristine, my paper inbox empty and my electronic one filed neatly away. I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I downloaded that Lily Allen song to celebrate. Yes, yes, I know she’s a bit grubby and Keith Allen’s daughter, and that the whole Myspace thing is marketing bollocks but the song just makes me – you know – smile.

And so to the future – and some exciting news. As arts-fans will know, The Edinburgh Fringe is rapidly approaching and this year The Friday Project (or more specifically our audio imprint, Friday Audio) is supporting two shows. The first is the brand new show by Adam Kay – The London Underground Song (and other ballads) at Medina & Negociants between 12th and 19th August.

Last year, Adam’s show – like Adam himself – was a total sellout so you’ll probably want to book tickets now.

The second show is James Lark’s masterpiece – The Rise & Fall of Deon Vonniget at Sweet ECA.

Friday Audio is also delighted to be organising a double-bill preview of both shows on 20th and 21st July at 7pm at The Courtyard Theatre, King’s Cross, London (tickets on 0870 163 0717). You should come along – it’ll be a blast.

What else? Oh yes, I’m off to New York again this week. If anyone wants to meet up for a Brooklyn or a Sam Adams (but not a Budweiser), do let me know.

I’m particularly looking forward to this trip as I’m flying Virgin rather than American (never again) and also because Richard and Judith and (I think) Michael are going to be in town at the same time. And that’s not all – Mimi has promised me that next time I’m over she’ll introduce me to her stripper friends. But I worry that a) it might have been an empty promise and b) if it wasn’t an empty promise then she might withdraw it because I forgot to buy her that giraffe I promised her. We’ll see.

Right, I’m taking my cold pizza and going home. It’s 3am and I’ve got to be back in this chair in a few hours to start another week. But still at least I’m coming back to a desk so shiny clean I can see my reflection in it.

Jesus, I need a haircut.