Ok, so I’m a bit late. Eight days in. But Happy New Year, yeah?

Funny old year so far. First four books have just been formally announced, and what a fantastic bunch they are. Three (count ‘em) pop biographies from the fantastic Popjustice.com, and the debut novel from Greg Stekelman, aka The Man Who Fell Asleep. Lookee here.

But they’re just the tip of the niceberg. This year we’re publishing a total of 30 books. Thirty. Three-zero. Last week was a nice easy start to the year – just clearing up loose ends from ‘05, but from here on in it gets really fun. Forgive erratic blogging – I’ll try my best.

Oh, one last thing: The Bookseller nominated us as one of their new publishers to watch in 2006.

They aint seen nothing yet.

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