Month: January 2006

But we’re not grown up. We’re pretty fookin’ far from grown up

It’s 6:20am and I have just – as the kids say – pulled an all-nighter. Since I got my nice new flat in Westminster – not a book’s throw from the office – I’ve been starting work earlier and leaving the office well before midnight most nights (previously the prospect of a forty minute cab journey to Crouch End discouraged me from ever leaving the office once I was there).

But the truth is I really enjoy working when noone else is. 6:20am on Sunday morning, for example. Fewer phone calls, that eerie night-time calm – only broken by the bonging of Big Ben and an occasional instant message from a nocturnal pal.

(Tonight’s favourite ping came from Sarah Bee to tell me she was eating Halal chips. Apparently it said so on a sign in the shop. How exactly does one kill a potato in the manner prescribed by the shari’a I enquired? Answers had she none.)

The hours of 2am-5am are also a great time to download music from Limewire when you’re sitting on your roof, leeching broadband from your neighbours. Tonight I have been mostly stealing the Arctic Monkeys. (And yes – of course I know everyone is downloading the Arctic bloody Monkeys at the moment but what you have to understand is that I only like them because I think their lyrics might possibly make them the British version of the Barenaked Ladies, my favourite band in the whole world.…


Happy New Year

Ok, so I’m a bit late. Eight days in. But Happy New Year, yeah?

Funny old year so far. First four books have just been formally announced, and what a fantastic bunch they are. Three (count ‘em) pop biographies from the fantastic Popjustice.com, and the debut novel from Greg Stekelman, aka The Man Who Fell Asleep. Lookee here.

But they’re just the tip of the niceberg. This year we’re publishing a total of 30 books. Thirty. Three-zero. Last week was a nice easy start to the year – just clearing up loose ends from ‘05, but from here on in it gets really fun. Forgive erratic blogging – I’ll try my best.

Oh, one last thing: The Bookseller nominated us as one of their new publishers to watch in 2006.

They aint seen nothing yet.

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