Month: December 2005

Not Cricket

Listening to the news…

In his native Australia, tributes continue to pour in for media mogul…“Oh. Come. On. You just did that to mess with me.

Also, in this report from the Herald Sun..

Mr Packer, whose wealth was estimated at $7 billion, will be farewelled at a private funeral but a public memorial service is also being planned.

When exactly did farewell become a verb?



And the goose is getting fat

Whoops. There goes another week. And another year, come to think of it. I woke up on last week a year older and precious little wiser. The big two-six – and as someone quite rightly texted me – “What a year it’s been eh?!”

Eh indeed.

Actually what a year-and-a-half it’s been. That hit home as I was moving house the other week. I really must put all these old copies of LNR on eBay. It really was good, you know, despite everything. And then there’s the pilot of LbL. And a thousand versions of the business plan. Do you know, we nearly handed over the whole thing to a huge publishing multinational? The only thing that stopped us was their retardedly slow contract department. And their inability to understand a single thing we were saying. And so many train tickets – so, so many train tickets. Oh yes. It’s been a hell of a journey, make no mistake. God knows we have in the last year and a half. But hakuna matata, right? What doesn’t kill us only makes us hunger.

The birthday itself was a funny one, spent partly in the studios of Resonance FM doing that debate on democracy.…


Christmas time is here, by golly. Disapproval would be folly

The nights have drawn in, it’s freezing cold outside and the world continues to mission-creep towards Holy war.

Would it kill XFM to play some upbeat music?

Seriously, if I hear Coldplay one more time – or that James Blunt dirge – I’m going to drop the office radio in a bath. While Blunt is in it.

“Yoour’e byoootifu….” Splash. TZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Hiss.

So, yes, long time no blog. Things have been mental-busy here at TFPHQ. For one thing, we’ve just signed a great new author. I can’t talk about it until everything’s completely watertight, legal-wise, which is incredibly annoying because the book is going to be absolutely bloody incredible. Fine writing on a gripping subject. Ooh yes, it’s going to be goooood. More soon. Watch this space.

We’re also right in the midst of a particularly fascinating process involving some large sums of money and contracts the size of Ghana. Again, I probably shouldn’t say much. Law again, y’know. But suffices to say the process is a pure and simple head-fuck.

You know those big meetings you see in Wall Street films, with lawyers and accountants and advisors and investors and directors all sitting round a table, calculators and gold pens in hand, wrestling over spreadsheets and tiny percentages and professional fees that could put a Beckham child through college?…


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