As anyone who has seen the film Sliding Doors will know, chance is a funny old thing. If Gwyneth had made it through the closing doors of that tube train, how dramatically different might her life have turned out?

And if I hadn’t wasted three pounds renting the DVD at Blockbuster a couple of years ago, how much might my dislike of Gwyneth Paltrow be lessened? Might I even be able to tolerate listening to Chris Martin singing without wanting to throw the pair of them under a train?

I’ll never know.

One thing’s for sure though – if I’d have answered differently to the question “shall we have another bottle of wine?” while I was out for dinner on Friday evening, my weekend would have been very different.

First off, I’d have been able to go home early and finish off the due-on-Monday-morning contract amendments I had promised myself I’d do before bed. I certainly wouldn’t have ended the ‘evening’ with White Russians at 6am, which means I wouldn’t have pretty much buggered up Saturday morning and afternoon. Which means I would have had time to amend the contract before heading out again on Saturday evening.

All of which would have meant that I wouldn’t currently be sitting in the office, my liver turned to Silly Putty ™, finally tweaking contract clauses and wondering what on earth happened to my weekend.…