It’s 5:35 on Saturday evening and I’m in the office. What with one thing and another – meetings, meetings, moving house (goodbye, Crouch End, it’s been real…), meetings, meetings… meetings – I’d actually started to forget what the place looked like. Thank God for the webcam. Which seems to be broken today.

I won’t be here for much longer though because tonight, like everyone else in London, I’m off to a Halloween party. But unlike everyone else I won’t be dressing up.

I’ve just spoken to my friend Richard who is dressing up as a vampire. My friend Emily (whose party it is) is dressing up as some kind of sexy slut, as is her wont, while my friend Mary is going to a different party (where the fancy-dress-code is ‘dead people’) as Sharon Tate – which is a stroke of genius. Not least because a) technically, she’s going as two dead people and b) if she herself is brutally murdered on the way to the party, she will technically be three dead people, one inside the other, like some kind of macabre Russian dolls. Having said that, I like Mary so I hope she isn’t brutally murdered.

And yet, despite my friends’ creativity, I’m going dressed up as ‘Paul in a not-very-well-ironed shirt’. Of course I’ll pretend it’s because I’m too cool to dress up, but really it’s because I’m too lazy. I hate myself sometimes.

But I digress.

I’m in the office catching up with the mountain of things that I would have been doing were it not for meetings and moving house. One of those things is checking on the first week progress of our first two books, The Holy… actually, no, if you don’t know by now what they’re called, I’m not going to tell you. But yes, progress-checking, that’s what I’m doing. And the progress is gooood.

First off, we’ve had our first proper review – in the Irish Times, who described THMROML in incredibly glowing terms, ending with the words ‘given the amount in the book, and the hilarity to be had, you’ll find that this must-have urban etiquette guide comes very cheap at the price…’

Shit. I knew we should have made it a tenner.

Speaking of which, it seems that Virgin Megastores like the book so much that they’ve put it on their ‘3 for 2′ promotion and given it a lovely space on their lovely book tables. How lovely. Good old Virgin. We met their head buyers the other month at that Holy Moly! humour evening thing and had a very interesting conversation about elephant-painting. Must have done the trick.

Oh, and it seems the (London) Times are reviewing Moly on Monday. And he’s going to be on Radio 1. And in the Independent. Crikey.

As for London by London, we’ve already had two nice features in the Standard and Standard Lite – plus Pond’s scene-stealing performance on London Tonight – I can’t wait to see what next week will bring. Is it too much to hope for Elms?

Right, I must away and eat. Anyone who has ever been to Emily’s alcohol-drenched parties will know the importance of lining one’s stomach properly beforehand. I think I’m going to have an asbestos sandwich with a side of that Oasis stuff that florists use.

Happy Halloween!