Tired doesn’t even begin to cut it. Exhausted. Knackered. Wasted.

It’s 11:30pm New York Time, 4:30am GMT. We’ve been up since 3am yesterday morning – 24.5 hours, having only had 2 hours sleep the previous night.


Arrived in NYC at about 11am this morning (all times from now on are local, EST) and spent the best part of a year in immigration. Our finger prints are now a matter of public record, as are our photos. The Homeland can sleep Secure for another day.

After lunch in a diner with singing waitresseses (”Crry-y-y-ing, over yoooo”), it was off for meetings with not one but two New York bloggers. Can’t say more at this point, except that if they don’t both have book deals by the end of the year then there is Something Very Wrong with the world. The trick is to make sure – if at all possible – that those deals are with us.

But now to bed. So exhausted I can’t type and have to be up early in the morning to meet a woman about a Penguin.

Good morning Britain, good night New York.