It’s 3am.

And I’m in the office.

You’ll notice I don’t say “still” in the office. Because, truth be told, I only got here five hours ago – after an adventure-filled evening out.

I think, about working late, I like the quiet best. The quiet and the empty corridors – like one of those Japanese horror films where the kill-ee is working late and sees a ghostly figure on the CCTV monitor, walking down the corridor. And then its gone. But is it?


But tonight there are no ghosts, just a bottle of beer from the mini-fridge, strong coffee from the machine and a pile of emails that just couldn’t wait tomorrow. Today.

You see, I currently find myself moderating this debate between Google Print and the head honchos of various international publishing houses. The kind of people I really shouldn’t be mixing with. Leave me, I’m not worth it.

It’s the brainchild of Richard Charkin – the CEO of Macmillan, Chairman of the Publishers’ Association and one of those publishers who understands that working with Google, and maybe even allowing it to scan books for index-and-search purposes, isn’t necessarily a Bad Thing. He also has a Blackberry and knows his way around Wikipedia, which probably puts him in the top one techno-percentile among his peers.…