Paul Bradley Carr

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Paul Bradley Carr

Author of 1414°, The Upgrade, Bringing Nothing to the Party, etc, etc.

New novel, THE CONFESSIONS, coming from Atria in 2025.


“Uproarious and brilliant.” – WIRED

“One of the feistiest writers on the beat.” – THE GUARDIAN

“For a cautionary tale, everybody cites Paul Bradley Carr.” – The Times (London)

“Not afraid of fucking with power… has been summarily sacked from practically every outfit he’s worked for, including companies he started.” – ZDNet

“Completely addictive reading.” – THE PRESS ASSOCIATION

“There is no keener observer of Silicon Valley sociopaths than Paul Bradley Carr.” – YASHA LEVINE, AUTHOR, SURVEILLANCE VALLEY

“A true Silicon Valley insider who would definitely know.” – KATHY WANG, AUTHOR, IMPOSTER SYNDROME

“Infamous in Silicon Valley. A real muckraker.” – ANDREW KEEN, AUTHOR, HOW TO FIX THE FUTURE

“Makes me want to vomit for all the right reasons.” – MIL MILLINGTON, AUTHOR, THINGS MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAVE ARGUED ABOUT

“One of my favorite writers.” – KARA SWISHER

“Commenting on Paul Carr is beneath my dignity. He’s absurd.” – MATT TAIBBI

“I really don’t like Paul Carr.” – SAM ALTMAN, OPENAI

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(Paul is represented by Marilia Savvides (books) at The Plot Agency and Alex Bloch (screen) at 42M&P.)