About Paul…

A writer who knows all of Silicon Valley’s darkest secrets.” – ADAM PENENBERG

Paul Bradley Carr has spent more than 20 years plumbing the darkest depths of the tech industry including as Silicon Valley columnist for the Guardian, senior editor at TechCrunch, and editor of PandoDaily.

His writing on technology and addiction has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Private Eye, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, National Geographic, etc etc.

He was founder and editor-in-chief of the infamous NSFWCORP in Las Vegas and host of the nightly NSFWLIVE radio show (“A fun and wildly popular restbite from nightmarishly boring podcasts…” THE NEW YORK OBSERVER).

Paul was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and currently lives in San Francisco and Palm Springs, California.

1414º is his first novel.


Books: Marilia Savvides at 42M&P (mariliasavvides@42mp.com)
Film/TV: Alex Bloch at 42M&P (alexbloch@42mp.com)

Press inquiries: Jessie Glenn (Jess@MindBuckMedia.com)
Anything else: hello@paulcarr.com

Paul is not on Twitter or any other social media.

For a cautionary tale, everyone cites Paul Bradley Carr.” THE SUNDAY TIMES

“One of the feistiest writers on the beat.” – THE GUARDIAN

“Uproarious and brilliant.” – WIRED

“Completely addictive reading.” – THE PRESS ASSOCIATION

“There is no keener observer of Silicon Valley sociopaths than Paul Bradley Carr.”  – YASHA LEVINE, AUTHOR, SURVEILLANCE VALLEY

“A true Silicon Valley insider who would definitely know.” – KATHY WANG, AUTHOR, IMPOSTER SYNDROME

“Infamous in Silicon Valley. A real muckraker.” –  ANDREW KEEN, AUTHOR, HOW TO FIX THE FUTURE

“Paul Carr makes me want to vomit for all the right reasons.” – MIL MILLINGTON, AUTHOR, THINGS MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAVE ARGUED ABOUT

“The Tarantino of the confessional memoir.” – JOHN MITCHINSON, CO-FOUNDER, UNBOUND

“Commenting on Paul Carr is beneath my dignity. He’s absurd.” – MATT TAIBBI